Sunday, 10 January 2016

Digital Literacy & Me

Some questions that were constantly on my mind while working on this autobiographical podcast assignment: who will be listening to it, who am I addressing primarily and why should anyone care?

The main challenge for me was how to address the issue of web presence and volition i.e. how many bits and pieces of ourselves are online often without our knowledge or permission and at times crossing the line between the personal and professional.

I also wanted to tell the story of how my technostalgia has played an important role in my overall online activity and digital literacy. For example, my previous knowledge of MIDI editing or sound mixing allowed me to quickly develop an understanding of how GarageBand worked.

I used GarageBand to record and edit my podcast and it was simple to import it into audioBoom.

Some Podcast-related links, appearing in the order in which they were mentioned in the podcast:

Link to the musical introduction

Link to YouTube Quincy Jones and Herbie Hancock

Bio notes I wrote for francophone singer-songwritter Alexis Normand

Boing Boing’s Referral

Best of Both Worlds Trailer

Making of the Best of Both Worlds


About, Postcrossing francophone Community Group on Facebook

Voicing my opinion on Radio-Canada (live radio interview made available for everyone to access online)

Two of the videos I mention in my podcast (one in French, the other in English)
My digital footprint is bilingual.

I love writing about contemporary photography artists, some of my articles make it online sometimes.


Working in communications means you are being interviewed sometimes for print and radio. What you say may appear online too.


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