Friday, 1 January 2016

Assignment 1: Blog Comments

Assignment #1 (5%) – Blog Comments - Throughout

Each student is responsible for contributing comments to fellow students’ blog posts on our course blog. Students are also encouraged to comment on the posts written by the instructor. Comments should be a minimum of 200 words and offer a critique of that week’s posting, seek clarification, compare or contrast postings, or provide additional evidence or new information (such as a link to a related article, website, etc.). Each student must contribute a minimum of 10 comments, credit will be given for a maximum of two comments each week, students can comment on the same blog more than three times over the duration of the course however, only two of those comments will count towards this assessment criteria.

Comments must be posted by 7:00 am Mountain Time on Sundays for posts related to that week’s lecture notes/readings/guest lectures.

Note: Part of this assignment requires that you comment throughout the duration of the course rather than add 10 blog comments at the end of the term.

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