Friday, 1 January 2016

Assignment 3: Digital Literacy and Me

Image from Doug Belshaw via Lyn Hilt
Assignment 3 (20%) – Digital Literacy and Me - Jan. 10, 2016, 23:59

1. This assignment asks you to assess your overall literate practices and to present them in a
podcast format. It’s designed to help you think critically about all aspects of literacy, and also to help you explore your experiences in an autobiographical genre
2. How do you collaborate and build communities on the web? How have you done so in the past? How will you do so in the future? What aspects of your identity are available online? When did you first make a web page or blog? How has the web, and participation on online communities like Facebook, Blogger, or Twitter, shaped your life so far?
3. Assemble a collection of information related to your (trans)literacy life – images, links, video and any other forms of media and writing you’d like.
4. Craft a narrative which explains and discusses your literacy autobiography experiences using the web and online applications (like Facebook, Twitter, Delicious) from the first time you can remember to today.
5. Create a small podcast of at least three during which you present your literacy narrative in a way that takes advantage of the web as a medium.
6. Record and publish your podcast on space and then post your podcast along with any other information (see step 3) to the class blog.
7. Title your blog post: Digital Literacy & Me, tag your post with “assignment 1, your name” (NOTE: do not include quotation marks in the tags).
8. Include a brief 1-2 paragraph reflection on creating your podcast.

1. Introduction effectively draws the listener in. Provides relevant information and establishes a clear purpose engaging the listener immediately. You note who is speaking, the date the podcast was produced, and where the speaker is located. (15 points)
2. How well you create a narrative which presents your experiences using the web, discuss your involvement in online spaces and incorporate answers to the questions noted in steps 2 and 4. (30 points)
3. How well you incorporate different types of media (sound, video, photos) and links to
outside sources into your narrative. Do the images and other modes support your digital
literacy experiences? How well does the music add to the mood of the narrative? (25

4. How creative you are in presenting your material in ways which take advantage of the podcast medium ( i.e. how usable and accessible to your readers is your podcast = voice, clarity, pacing, creativity and grammar). (20 points)


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