Friday, 1 January 2016

Assignment 5: Online Activism

Assignment 5 (30%) – Online Activism: Petitioning & Protest - March 18, 2016, 23:59

Having discussed aspects of online activism and protesting, students will have an opportunity to participate themselves. Students will craft a petition, keeping in mind the online environment, and choose an online tool such as,, ipetition etc. Students should choose an issue that is relevant to them and write a strategic, directed and impact-driven petition. You will be creating an effective advocacy narrative. You will need to write text and include an image. Both image and text must be your own. You may remix and existing image but only if it’s Creative Commons license allows you to do so. Additionally, you must properly cite any sources for your text and image using APA style and links.

This assignment comprises TWO parts. Part ONE is your online petition that you will publicise on an online activism site of your choosing (such as You may delete the petition after the completion of this course HOWEVER you may find that you receive signatures and make a difference. As such, take care in choosing your topic to petition. The more local and relevant it is, the more likely to be successful. Part TWO is a blog post authored by you and that is published on our class blog. In the blog post you will link or embed your petition (or a screen capture of it). You will also write approximately 2-3 paragraphs discussing the creation of your petition alongside the critical readings and discussions throughout the course. Include multimodality in your blog post so at least another image (other than your screen cap to your petition) and a video or a pertinent twitter feed etc. So TWO aspects of multimodality.

You will also need to submit your assignment in e-class. To do so, please create a Word document that includes the text of your petition and a link to your blog post and submit that.

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