Friday, 1 January 2016

Assignment 4: Theory of the Selfie

Assignment 4 (25%) – Theory of the Selfie - March 6, 2016, 23:59

During this course and in the Selfie module especially, we have addressed and critiqued issues of identity and representation and the role narrative plays in that representation. Your task, is to critique at least FIVE selfies. You may choose your own selfies or selfies that someone else (celebrity or otherwise) has posted publicly online. You are to analyse each selfie in relation to ideas of power, production, representation and identity. You will address key concepts and readings we have done in class and on the blog. You will examine the selfies as both a “creator” and a “product/subject.” Also, you will need to address issues of publishing; how selfies are easily published today if one has internet access etc.

Your critical analysis of at least five selfies will be published on the class blog. You must include the five images to which you refer. Keeping multimodality in mind, you may embed videos or podcasts that help support your analysis. You may also refer to other students’ comments or work. All sources, including blog comments, must be cited using APA style and links.

You will also need to submit your assignment in e-class. To do so, please create a Word document that includes the your analysis and images and a link to your blog post and submit that.

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