Sunday, 10 January 2016

Digital Literacy & Me

I’m part of that first generations to grow up with the internet in my own home, where technology and online communities has almost always been a part of my life.  When I was younger I didn't really care what it was that I was joining as long as my friends were doing the same, and privacy was not the concern for me like it is today.  I started my first blog at 13, which is now luckily lost to me (that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it).  I have no idea what content went on there, and I'm fairly certain I stopped updating it pretty quickly.  I had a Myspace account (it's still active, oh the shame).  Now I have a Twitter account (two actually, but only one is public), Facebook, Instagram and a number of other accounts that I do not actively use, such as Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.  

Most of my online community experience has been for social purposes only.  I have, and still do, manage social media accounts and websites for my work, but they are completely separate accounts from me and the work I do is mostly anonymous.  I don't enjoy publishing or creating my own content or sharing with the world past some pictures of my choosing.  I've always been a behind the scenes person when it comes to work, and personally I'm credibly introverted. Trying to follow a script and record something other people will listen to leaves me feeling fairly panicked.  So I need to apologize now for any pauses that took too long, for tripping over my own words or talking too fast.  I recorded this podcast multiple times/tried editing trying to improve, but it wasn't getting any better.

I can say for a fact that podcasts will never be my choice way to create or contribute to an online community.  I like listening to them.  I don't like creating them.  This was an assignment that largely pushed my barriers of comfort.  Even if it's nothing fancy, and the audio probably isn't that great, I'm glad I went through this experience to say I've at least tried.  But it's not something I'll be looking to do again.

I enjoy online communities, social media and different platforms, but I prefer to pick what I share and how I share it.  I’m more likely to use the accounts that are ‘private’ as opposed to open.

This is the first photo I ever posted on Facebook.  High School Graduation, 2005


 The most recent photo I posted on Facebook, New Years Eve 2015

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