Monday, 11 April 2016

Module 11: Endings

One thing I think has changed or expanded for me since taking this course is the telling of fictional stories. I think I see more stories now or look for more stories. When looking for a story before, I'd crack open a book or select a story on my e-reader. Then, of course, there was video games, television, and movies. The two things that really stick out in my mind is Twitter Fiction, and the Inanimate Alice project.

My favorite of Twitter Fiction/Parody accounts is currently Emo Kylo Ren, from the Star Wars fandom. Watching his account, plus other fictional Starwars characters interact has been a fantastic point of entertainment when I log onto twitter. I love that the authors are not only challenged to create stories or sections of stories in 140 characters, but that they also have the power to release what they want. It is not up to a publishing company who can distribute their story, but it's up to the authors, the power is back in the hands of the creator. Or in the case of parody of account, fans of a subject can continue on a story in a sometimes ridiculous manner that allows the story to continue from their own views.

The issue of curation and who has the right to the title of 'curator' is still one that I can not decide on.  Do people who gather, organize and share online resources have the right to call themselves curators, or does the job title belong to the tradition museum curators?   I have no idea.  But I guess I'm less interested in the title used and more in the fact that people who are willing to organize all that information are needly so badly.  The amount of information about the world is constantly expanding, there's no way to have a 'complete' collection, in my opinion, because there is always something new coming out to add onto or change what is already available.  

The podcast, and even creating an online petition actually pushed me out of my comfort zone in online activity.  I think my anxiety levels spiked while trying to do both of these assignments for various reasons, but eventually comes to both of these being something I wouldn't typically do and having to sign my name to it.  So while it was stressful, I appreciate the push to make me realize that most of it was in my head and that doing something I wouldn't normally do definitely makes the lessons stick.  

Technobiophilia has been a part of my life for ages, and I had no idea there was a name for it until this course.  Slacktivism isn't as bad as I thought when coupled with large numbers and especially when it's actually partnered with actions offline.  I don't think I grasped the meaning behind selfies as much as I wish I had, despite thinking I'd actually have an easier time with this section.  Continuous reading will likely be required, but at least now I look at selfies a differently than just capturing memories or aiming for that great photo combined with the best hashtag to get the most likes.

And just because this made me laugh.

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