Sunday, 24 January 2016

Alice 2016

Inanimate Alice
Episode 7: Turkey

This story uses images, text, and sound; turn on the sound on your computer.

Use your mouse and click on the arrows >> to move forward.
Sometimes you may need to perform an action for the story to continue.
You can also use the icons on the right-hand side to return to earlier sections.

The story takes about 37 hours to view.

Working in Animoto was both easy and challenging. The templates make it easy to create something. The lack of total control makes it hard to shoehorn an idea into place.

Photos were collected via Flickr's Creative Commons collection. I downloaded a batch to test within Animoto and found I liked them. It was near impossible to perform a reverse lookup after the fact to give proper credit, I am still trying to properly cite two properly -- mea culpa! Lesson learned is to copy the URL of anything downloaded when it is downloaded; it may be neigh impossible to find it again later.

Photos Credits

Music Credit
This is a student project and is in no way is affiliated with Inanimate Alice. 


  1. Brilliant job Mark. You've kept with the theme and soundscape of the original Alice. I also like your 37 hours to, that is a magnum opus!

  2. I liked your 37 hours to view as well- I still clicked on it, just like in the real Inanimate Alice when I clicked through even though I didn't like it and it got longer and longer. I agree it was challenging to use this tool, without the flexibility of being able to choose the length of different shots or generally more customization, I felt the product was something, but not necessarily something I wanted.