Sunday, 24 January 2016

Alice in Moose Jaw

The Alice series is part mystery, part nostalgia, intergenerational considerations and international travel. Alice and her mother Ming, embark on a journey to Canada to find out more about Alice’s great great grandmother, Ying, who emigrated clandestinely from China in 1916 to a small town called Moose Jaw. Rumour has it that great great granny Ying worked as a messenger in the city’s tunnels for none other than Al Capone during the prohibition era. Alice and her mum are dying to find out more about this mysterious family member whose Chinese name means “clever”or “eagle”…

Video editing courtesy of

Photos by JP Deneault, all cityscape images are of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Exception of the following CC-licensed images: Little Chinese girl, Al Capone, and image of the tunnel

Music by Dj Saintone, from CC-licensed EP "Underground Dreams", available on

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