Monday, 21 March 2016

Wordle Map and Video Games

I chose the article "Study: Relaxing Video Games Make People Kinder."

Had I not read the article before creating the image, I would have assumed that this was some sort of study on the impacts of students playing video games.  But I would not have assumed that 'kinder' was the focus.  Maybe people play games to relaxed, violent or not.  In this word map "violent" is easier to spot than "nonviolent" in both size and colour.  Red is often associated with war, blood, fire and violence, gray is emotionless and dull, and black with power and death.  In no way would I have assumed this was connected to a study involving calming video games featuring the ocean.

Moore, E. (2011). “Study: Relaxing Video Games Make People Kinder,” CNet,

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