Sunday, 10 January 2016

Digital Literacy & Sean Thibault

My Dog Max
My dog Max, looking quite regal on a large staircase. 
What does it mean to be digitally literate? Just some light reading and reflecting that occupied me (and presumably you, dear readers and classmates) this week.

The digital literacy collage — which seems like al lifelong endeavor of curating, assimilating, interpreting, rejecting, choosing—- for me is coming together in critical ways finally through this course and degree. Until now, practice in the workplace has been my main focus (and schoolyard-playground) in exploring the tools of communication and the features therein. In the sense of creative and pragmatic curating, my tumblr can serve as an aesthetic-artistic clearinghouse, but without much critique or analysis. ( 
The podcasting process: Initially I wrote an interview for myself, and then answered those questions to craft a script. That ended up clocking in way too long, so I knew I had some cutting to do. That involved reflecting on which bits could attempt to capture a far more complex picture than I had time for.  So, as a result, I’m likely to have been presumptuous, and possibly meandering, in my narrative flow. But, for those who have spent any time with me, that kind of captures an pronounced part of my personality. 
I think many find this form of contributing to coursework challenging, and that it pushes the barriers/norms of classrooms. I’d agree, but in part because it is a cold shower to dive into without a class-wide icebreaker -- HELLO! Now you will hear many of my neuroses work themselves out - heh heh heh. 
I chose to structure mine like a letter or narationless “this i believe” style dialogue. If i was more creative, I might have successfully pulled it off…  
Anyway, because photos are good, I’ll share a few of my favored instagrams here. My wife is a better Facebooker than I am, and so most of the documentation of our daily life is by proxy. But do find me there, and I am really liberal in using the like button.  

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